How to Use the Built-in Camera Flash

Most DSLR or mirrorless cameras come with built-in flashes. These are tiny ones that pop up in Auto Mode when the lights go down and can be manually triggered if you’re shooting in any other mode.

However, many new photographers find that using the flash creates horrible images especially when they’re taking photos of people. Here are some ways you can make use of the built-in flash effectively.

Bounce It

When in indoor situations, try to bounce the flash off of a wall or the ceiling. This can be done by placing a white card at an angle in front of the flash. The card should be placed in a way so it pushed the flash up towards the ceiling, bouncing it and creating a much softer light.

Diffuse It

Another great way to use the built-in camera flash, especially when taking portraits is to diffuse it to create a softer effect. Use a DIY diffuser if you can’t buy an expensive one, or just put a white plastic bag over your flash.

Against the Sun

It might sound weird but using the flash on a portrait where the sun is at the back is a great way to ensure optimum exposure. The direct sunlight makes the flash appear much softer than it is while still allowing you to add some fill light to your subject.